Purefert Group of Companies

About Our Company
PUREFERT GROUP OF COMPANIES was created to supply phosphate-based fertilizers, ammonia and feed phosphates to buyers all over the world. We are the long-standing key distributor of phosphate-based fertilizers and other products produced by PhosAgro (https://www.phosagro.com/). We focus on the highest standards of quality and long-term relations with our clients.

PUREFERT LIMITED (renamed from Phosint Limited on 30 August 2022) incorporated in Cyprus on 28 August 2003, is the holding company of PUREFERT GROUP. PUREFERT TRADING AG (renamed from PhosAgro Trading S.A. on 5 September 2022), a company incorporated under the laws of Switzerland, is the leading trader of PUREFERT GROUP. In addition to PUREFERT TRADING AG, PUREFERT GROUP includes the following trading and logistics companies: PUREFERT POLSKA SP. Z.O.O. (Poland) (renamed from PhosAgro Polska Sp. z.o.o. on 7 August 2023); PUREFERT DEUTSCHLAND GMBH (Germany) (renamed from PhosAgro Deutschland GmbH on 21 November 2022); PUREFERT FRANCE SAS (France) (renamed from PhosAgro France SAS on 10 November 2022); PUREFERT BALKANS DOO (Serbia) (renamed from PhosAgro Balkans DOO on 7 September 2022); UAB PhosAgro Baltic (Lithuania); PUREFERT BALKANS S.R.L. (Romania) (renamed from PhosAgro Balkans S.R.L. on 6 October 2022); PUREFERT LOGISTICS AG (Switzerland) (renamed from PhosAgro Logistics SA on 5 September 2022); PUREFERT ASIA PTE LTD (renamed from PhosAgro Asia Pte Ltd on 27 September 2022)(Singapore); PUREFERT SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD (South Africa) (renamed from PhosAgro South Africa (PTY) Ltd on 7 October 2022); PUREFERT AMERICAS REPRESENTAÇÕES E NEGÓCIOS LTDA. (Brazil) (renamed from PHOSAGRO AMERICAS REPRESENTAÇÕES E NEGÓCIOS LTDA. on 27 January 2023).
PUREFERT LIMITED itself, its shareholders, affiliates and directors, are not listed on any of the consolidated EU, UK, US or Swiss sanctions lists. No entities or persons, including US, EU, UK and Swiss entities and persons, are prohibited from transacting with PUREFERT LIMITED, PUREFERT TRADING AG or with their affiliates.

We, PUREFERT GROUP, acting as the controller of personal data consider the protection of rights and freedoms of data subjects during the processing of their personal data, and the implementation of data protection principles as an important condition for our personal data processing activities while achieving our business purposes. Each of the companies within the PUREFERT GROUP complies with applicable data protection and privacy laws, regulations and requirements. For more information about personal data protection compliance by each of the companies within the PUREFERT GROUP see the Personal Data Processing Policy of the relevant company.
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